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    On February 1,2019, Jinan Xingtian Sunshine CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. held the "2018Annual Summary and Commendation Conference" held in the company conferenceroom. It carefully summed up the achievements in 2018 and the plan for 2019,and commended 2018. Representatives such as “Excellent Employees”, “AdvancedCollectives”, “Stars of Service” and “Excellent Newcomers” who have madeoutstanding contributions to the company's development. The venue was filledwith a festive atmosphere, filled with fiery passion, and the music conveyed alot of joy to everyone present.

    At 2 o'clock inthe afternoon, the conference kicked off with the warm applause of thecompany's leaders and all the staff.

    Executive VicePresident Wei Shishan read the congratulatory letter from the chairman of Bangalore,India.

    Executive VicePresident Hu Shicai read the commendation document.

    Wang Dehua,assistant to the general manager and director of the office, read the awards andthe company leaders presented awards to the people who received the award. Mr.Xu awarded the "Advanced Individual, Advanced Collective" award;General Wei awarded the "Excellent Staff, Technology Innovation Star"Award; Hu Zong awarded the "Technical Experts, Service Star" Award;Liu Zong awarded "Excellent Newcomers" Awards.

    Finally, GeneralManager Xu Peng made a summary of this commendation meeting, and expressed hisheartfelt congratulations to the commended colleagues on behalf of the company,and sincerely thanked the colleagues who fought in various positions!

    This year marksthe 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 13th anniversary ofthe establishment of our company. In the past 13 years, with the joint effortsof our Xingtian people, the company has achieved certain results and has begunto let go and go to the international stage. We will take this recognition asan opportunity to learn from the example and create the best!

    As a new startingpoint in 2019, we will strive to achieve better results with higherrequirements, strive for better results, and strive for a better tomorrow!  

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